Life Science Consultancy

Our life science consultants are on hand to provide advice and guidance to companies working within the life science sector. They effectively become part of your team as they share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your organisational goals.

To attain those goals, it may be necessary to create an updated, usable business plan (i.e. one with realistic objectives that considers the available resources and includes a marketing plan of actionable tactics). This will help you make decisions on whether allocating spend to R&D or building a footprint in a new territory will generate the required return on investment.

Representing clients on both the buying and selling side, our consultants will guide you through every critical step of the M&A process. Our technical analysts are involved in all M&A transactions to verify that the products and/or services offered by a company are a good fit for the buyer and will add worth to their existing portfolio and so facilitate the next stage of growth. When looking for prospective buyers we are sensitive to our client’s values and will work hard to find a suitable buyer.


  • Business Plan

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Distributor Training

  • Antibody Market Report

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As well as advising on the matter in hand, our life science consultants offer clients the added benefit of providing a sounding board for new proposals. The pace of change within biotech is rapid and trying to keep ahead in this frenetic industry by developing and challenging new ideas often falls by the wayside in favour of a ‘shoot from the hip’ strategy. Working with one of our team offers a safe and discreet space to discuss your organisation’s innovations whilst also gaining insight into how the life science industry is behaving as a whole.