Social Media Management Overview

Is social media a viable marketing channel within the research reagent industry? Yes, we believe it is, as it is a powerful tool for companies to reach and interact with prospects and customers as well as helping companies achieve marketing objectives such as increasing brand awareness. We do however only recommend and offer social media management for two social media platforms; LinkedIn and Twitter as we believe these are the best platforms for companies to engage with customers and one another within the research reagent industry.

Twitter is great for your informal day to day interactions and getting a ‘live’ message out to your audience, whereas LinkedIn is recommended for B2B business social media activity as it is a more professional platform.

How Pivotal Scientific Can Help

Our social media service is very flexible to suit your requirements. We can tailor the service by offering social media management on both platforms or just the one. As with all our services before you embark on our social media management service, we will arrange a call with you to discuss which platforms you are interested in and who you are going to target with your social media activity.

Once a platform has been chosen a social media plan will be written including example posts for you to review the content, tone and imagery. Upon your sign off we can set up your social media accounts or gain access to current accounts and start implementing your social media plans.

Quarterly reports will be provided including key KPIs on how your social media platforms are performing, what updates we have carried out and ideas for the next quarter.

Social Media management

What's Involved With Social Media Management?

Social media marketing involves the creation and sharing of content on social media networks with the aim of meeting certain marketing goals. Indirect sales can come from social media activity but we always follow the rule that only 1 in 7 posts should be directly sales related and the remaining posts are used to share meaningful content to followers.

All activity must be part of an overall marketing plan to ensure content released in posts ties in with your promotional activity for that month or quarter. Social media activity can be used to promote company values or provide backlinks to certain webpages you would like to drive footfall too.