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B2B Services for Life Science Companies

Business to business connections

Growing a life science business by improving your offering in response to the ever-changing needs of your customer base is certainly one way to increase sales. In addition to this, Pivotal Scientific offer a range of services which allow you to develop your business by exploring different sales channels. For example, as a manufacturer these sales channels could include: distributors, OEM partnerships, licensing agreements and Chinese portals (presence on a portal within China to support your Chinese distributors). These different routes to market all have their advantages and disadvantages but when managed correctly these collaborations can increase your profitability and encourage innovation.

Biotech companies know their products and their customers, but they may not know of other potential partner companies within the life science industry. This is where Pivotal Scientific can help: We can introduce you to suitable companies around the world with whom you can buy from or sell to in order improve your portfolio. We have created a global database of trustworthy companies from which our consultants can select the most suitable options for your requirements.

  • B2B Introductions

  • Recommended Distributors

  • Distributor Training

  • Pivotal Links Europe

  • Access to the Chinese Market

In addition to providing a one-to-one service, we are also proud to host our annual networking event, Pivotal Links.  Both research and IVD reagent companies come together for the sole purpose of networking with one another. There are no end-users at these events, only B2B prospects as well as keynote speakers on related industry topics. 

Whether you are looking for a new partner in order to enter a new market, gain a competitive advantage or wanting to expand your brand, the benefits gained from collaborating with other companies can be lucrative if chosen correctly. These B2B partnerships should bring success to both parties and with assistance from Pivotal Scientific we can introduce you to companies who have excellent reputations and will deliver on their promises.