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Grow your sales in China via Biomart

Biomart is an online Chinese web portal with over 550 million members and more than 30,000 registered companies that can promote their life science products and services to professional and academic visitors. Biomart is one of the most prominent scientific online platforms which attracts thousands of visitors each month looking to view product information. Once an account has been set up researchers can view your product catalogue, learn more about your company, and then be directed to one of your Chinese distributors to purchase.

Setting up an account on Biomart is one of the most cost-efficient options to promote your brand and product catalogue in China without setting up a .cn website. (To attain a .cn domain you either need to be a Chinese citizen or have a registered company in China). Working alongside the promotional work your distributors provide you can set up your own ‘mini website’ in China with a complete focus on your brand. Biomart is indexed by Baidu (Chinese search engine) therefore allowing your products to reach an even greater target audience.

Biomart Web Page

Our fully managed Biomart service

Our service involves a complete end-to-end process and is managed by your Account Manager located in the UK and with our Portal Manager, who is in China. Our Portal Manager has a long-standing relationship with Biomart and will ensure your account is set up correctly, implement account updates and respond to customer inquiries via the Biomart chat feature in local time.

Our service covers:

  • 1 year paid registration to Biomart
  • Setup of your account
  • Ongoing addition of marketing content (technical information, promotional banners)
  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Product catalogue updates
  • Quarterly reports showing key performance metrics