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Biotech Opportunities In China

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China is home to 1.3 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion people. Today 10% of its population is over 60 years old but by 2020 this figure will have risen to 17%. Smoking, pollution and lifestyle changes, including poor diet and stress, are contributing to the rise of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cancer and [...]

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

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In the mid 90s, whilst struggling through my research, I attended a seminar by the late Johnnie Cochran a little time after the OJ trial. Beyond the rights and wrongs of that verdict, he was asked by a legal student what the secret of his success was? – without a moment’s pause and in a [...]

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Copyright – what to know and how to use it

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First off I would like to say how pleased I am to have been asked to contribute to this blog on Start-ups. As a trained Biochemist, I think it is important for those conducting commercially-orientated research to have a basic understanding of Intellectual Property and how it can affect your work.  You probably already know [...]

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PhD Student to Bioentrepreneur

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Academia breeds academia, right ? Well, not always… Some PhD students feel the need/urge to push their discovery further, but how? By launching a startup! Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge? No, but that shouldn’t stop them and here’s why. PhD students usually lack business knowledge, but they are usually quick learners and [...]

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Successfully licensing your technology

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So, you’ve developed a great technology. Perhaps you’ve even developed your own products based on that technology. If it’s really that good surely other people will want to use it for their own commercial gain? In the field of research and diagnostic antibodies the ability to prepare high quality reagents conjugated to enzymes or fluorochromes [...]

A Successful Business Strategy

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The title is very misleading but perhaps it attracted your attention. Search this topic and you will get over one hundred million hits. Whether you have a strategy or plan, once implemented it will need to be modified sooner rather than later. What has worked for us at Rockland is our willingness to develop relationships [...]

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“I wrote a business plan once and haven’t since” – why a business plan is good for your company and your employees

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The quote above is one that PSL hears many times from our clients: so why do we continue to swim against the tide?! Even if you are a small company it is important to have a clear idea of where you are currently and where you want to be. Perhaps more importantly, you need to [...]