Pivotal Scientific’s distributor training course is specifically designed for research reagent manufacturers. The training takes place over two half-day sessions and we train just one company at a time. This gives you the freedom to be completely open about current performance and therefore allows us to tailor our advice specifically to your company and distribution network.

The course is split in two, the first two hours consists of a presentation from Pivotal Scientific to highlight the following:

  1. The distribution model
  2. Distributor communication
  3. Supporting distributors
  4. Reviewing distributor performance
  5. Your brand


Throughout your distributor training, we will review each territory in your distribution network to identify several key areas. These areas include companies doing well, companies doing poorly and your own thoughts on why. We then make recommendations of possible improvement methods and identify new distributors that could operate on your behalf. These companies could include territories not currently covered.

distributor training

We Can Bring The Distributor Training To You!

We also include a number of FREE resources. These include standard distribution templates, and product spreadsheets with explanations on why different information should be included. We will also provide example quotation spreadsheets to help you ensure you’re on top of distributor opportunities.

We pride ourselves on being helpful and flexible so we can visit your offices or run an online course for you.