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Our partners are companies we have selected as a resource provided by us for you. They are companies/individuals that are embedded in the life science industry offering expertise in specialised areas. Our partners provide complementary services to Pivotal Scientific Limited and together represent unique and strategic business opportunities.

Pivotal Scientific Limited is dedicated to providing the best consultancy services within today’s life science market. Together with our valued partners, we deliver these consultancy services to help you optimise your performance and grow your sales.

The services our Partners offer range from accountancy and tax advice for innovators to immunoassay development and IVD contract manufacturing.




Biocompare (www.biocompare.com) is the leading resource for 1.9 million life scientists around the world. They come to learn, locate and source products, services and solutions that fuel research and discovery.
Biocompare’s mission is to support life science professionals by providing access to content, data and information that enable their research projects and purchasing decisions.

Biocompare’s resources include:

The world’s most comprehensive directory of over 6 million research products/solutions from over 400 suppliers.

Specialized search and comparison tools that help scientists pinpoint products of interest.

Articles to keep researchers abreast of latest developments & technologies.

Product reviews, buying guides, tips, best practices and videos that educate and help scientists make informed decisions.

Peer created webinars, videos and content provide real world applications and case studies.

Biocompare will continue to serve the global life science community by providing new and improved online services that facilitate product/solutions discovery and technology education.

2018 Biocompare Immunoassay Market Report

Ark Talent

ark talent logo

Discovering the best scientists will positively impact your business and it can be a pressing challenge in a world that is ever-changing with today’s emerging technologies.

Ark Talent Group is an innovative and bespoke solution based company and is uniquely positioned and equipped to help meet this challenge more effectively as all their managers and principle consultants are qualified scientists with industry experience and have an in-depth knowledge about the industry – They Talk Your Language.

Ark Talent Group recruits for specialist roles many of which are experiencing a skills shortage but their methodologies combining contingency and search techniques allow them to identify the best candidates in the market no matter how niche the skill sets are.

Their teams work with an elite base ranging from start up’s and SME’s through to international blue chips offering a tailored recruitment solution to provide the best talent for your organisation.

Their experienced team has the in-depth knowledge making them experts at placing individuals in their chosen disciplines. They are renown experts in sourcing passionate professionals from graduate to senior management level professionals.


monocl logo

Monocl helps life science professionals engage and work smarter with the right external stakeholders, regardless if you are working with marketing, sales, product development or other business critical functions in life science. We have developed Monocl EGO, a cloud-based platform designed to help you collaborate and compete smarter. Monocl EGO lets you find and engage with the right stakeholders, regardless if you are looking for scientific experts, prospects, customers, medical institutions or competitors.

Monocl EGO offers powerful search capabilities and proposes potential leads related to your product portfolio and targeted markets. Within seconds of logging in, you can find and prioritize among millions of scientific experts and you have a comprehensive set of filters and sorting options at your disposal to facilitate the process. Key relational insights and prospect activity notifications help you to reach out to leads and existing customers in a smarter manner in order to increase your sales performance and competitiveness. Our tailored professional services will further enhance your experience and add more depth to support your important commercial decisions.

Summerfield Browne

summerfield browne logo

Summerfield Browne Solicitors are a modern and progressive law firm and we operate a new legal services business model, which combines the best aspects of a traditional law firm, with cutting edge developments in the modern provision of legal services. What differentiates us from most traditional solicitors practises is that we operate a hybrid legal services business model. This means that in addition to employing lawyers we also appoint consultant solicitors who deliver legal services on our behalf, as and when we need. Our business model/ structure has a very low cost base, and we do not incur the significant cost overheads, of more traditional law firms, which means we can pass those cost savings back to our clients in the form of competitive fees.

Summerfield Browne Solicitors has extensive experience of advising on life science and biotechnology legal matters, including advising on the development, protection, exploitation and enforcement of biotechnology-related rights. More specifically we can advise on the following:

  1. Life Science regulation and regulatory approval.
  2. Commercial contracts including joint ventures, commercial collaborations, research and development agreements, terms and conditions, agency, supply and distribution agreements.
  3. Buying and selling businesses and companies and also undertaking due diligence.
  4. Fundraisings and investments including private equity, venture capital and angel investments.
  5. All aspects of intellectual property including intellectual property development, registering patents (we have dedicated patent agents who work for us) and licensing of intellectual property.
  6. Enforcing or defending intellectual property infringement actions, breach of contract claims and other commercial litigation matters.


BenchSci’s mission is ending reagent failure to drive discovery.

For biomedical researchers who are starting experiments, BenchSci is a reagent intelligence platform that transforms published data into experiment-specific recommendations to reduce time, money, and uncertainty in planning materials and methods. Unlike PubMed, Google Scholar, reagent directories, and vendors, BenchSci uses machine learning to decode open- and closed-access data and present published figures with actionable insights.

In partnership with publishers including Springer Nature, and using data from over 300 antibody vendors, BenchSci has created the world’s most comprehensive dataset of 3.7 million commercial antibodies, 70,000 unique clones, and over 300,000 published figures.  With BenchSci, researchers can search published figures by protein, gene, clone, product, or technique, and use filters to find the right antibody for their project in minutes.

Academic researchers can sign up free at www.benchsci.com.


citeab logo

CiteAb is a leading life science data provider that helps researchers and their suppliers make more informed decisions.

They have grown from an academic project to an innovative data company, and use their understanding of biology and proprietary text mining technology to search millions of scientific publications and identify hundreds of thousands of specific product citations.

CiteAb has searched/collected data on:

  • 5.5 million scientific publications
  • 12,000 journals
  • 4 million reagents
  • 70,000 research groups

The antibody search engine provides a simple way for researchers to find antibodies that work, while their high-quality market data and citations are used commercially by many of the world’s leading reagent suppliers and investment companies.

Find out more about CiteAb: https://www.citeab.com/

Cellexus International Ltd

CellMaker logo

From Dundee, Scotland, Cellexus International Ltd develops and manufactures the CellMaker range of patented, disposable, single use bioreactors (SUB) and associated hardware. These bioreactors offer a reduced investment alternative to existing technologies with a combined low footprint and excellent performance.

The CellMaker range of bioreactors uses a unique airlift system enabling excellent mixing and aeration. They can be fitted with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen to enhance process control, maximising yields and reducing time to market.

First developed in 2008, the CellMaker range continues to be optimised for efficiency and versatility. Available in 8L and 50L sizes, it has been proven with a wide range of cell lines for fermentation applications used in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries, such as E. coli, P. pastoris, bacteriophage, yeast and algae. Our customers have accelerated their processes and increased their yields compared to their standard methods and expectations.

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