Biocompare Logo

Biocompare is the leading resource for 1.9 million life scientists around the world. They come to learn, locate and source products, services and solutions that fuel research and discovery.

First and foremost, Biocompare’s mission is to support life science professionals. They do this by providing access to content, data and information that enable their research projects and purchasing decisions.

Biocompare’s resources include:

  • The world’s most comprehensive directory of over 6 million research products/solutions from over 400 suppliers.
  • Specialized search and comparison tools that help scientists pinpoint products of interest.
  • Articles to keep researchers abreast of latest developments & technologies.
  • Product reviews, buying guides, tips, best practices and videos that educate and help scientists make informed decisions.
  • Peer created webinars, videos and content provide real world applications and case studies.

Finally, Biocompare will continue to serve the global life science community by providing new and improved online services. These services facilitate product/solutions discovery and technology education.