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About Agrisera Antibodies

Agrisera is a Swedish company, established in 1985, specializing in antibody production, purification and labeling. As of 2020, Agrisera is a part of Olink® Group. Agrisera’s product catalog contains thousands of high-grade diagnostic secondary antibodies, as well as blocking and control serums, which can also be purchased in bulk quantities.

Agrisera’s unique product line also includes the most comprehensive antibody collection for research on plant and algal cell biology. In 2019, Agrisera was awarded as The Best Plant Antibody Supplier of the year by CiteAb. Agrisera is ISO 9001 certified.

Agrisera is looking to expand its distribution network, and specific products are also offered on OEM. Please inquire!


  • Antibodies with high specificity, long shelf-life and fast delivery
  • Prompt and professional technical support
  • High antibody dilution and broad species and application range


Primary antibodies for Plant and Algal Cell Biology Research

Secondary Antibodies (Labels: ALP, Biotin, DyLight®, FITC, HRP, TRITC)

Unique Epitope Tag Antibodies (TurboID, Native GFP, HA, His, and many more)


  • antibodies
  • proteins