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About AntibodySystem

Aiming to develop the most reliable bioreagents, AntibodySystem Laboratories SAS was founded in 2019 in France by a team of professionals from top industrial companies and research institutes.

The collective scientific and technical experiences in our team have brought breaking throughs in multiple product developments, including recombinant antibodies, recombinant proteins, biosimilar, RUO ELISA kits and other related products.

By working with talented researchers and technicians, AntibodySystem continues to upgrade product qualities and lower the overall cost, offering accountable and affordable solutions for biolabs all over the world.

Since its establishment, AntibodySystem has built long term and stable collaborations with academia, pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and research hospitals, supporting their R&D by AntibodySystem’s bioreagents with excellent data accuracy and reproducibility.


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  • cells tissues
  • kits
  • proteins