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About ichorbio

ichorbio is based in a small town just south of Oxford called Wantage. It is the birthplace of Alfred the Great.

ichorbio wants to support you in producing the next Great oncology breakthrough. The aim at ichorbio is to become the largest supplier of research grade biosimilars and in vivo antibodies – all whilst charging competitive prices to make your research go further. Part of the reason why cancer is so difficult to treat is because it is constantly mutating – and therefore the drugs we use must rapidly change and life science research must lead the way. ichorbio wishes to help your research to evolve as fast as cancer.

“If covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that we’re all in this together and we as companies must put people and their health above profits and share prices. We are looking to support your research in any way needed – if you need a smaller amount of our products or a free sample or a custom biosimilar please contact us. We’re ready to help.”

Charitable Giving

Every employee at ichorbio has been touched by cancer in some way. Each employee gets to choose a charity that they will support for the year; this year in memory of Diana Mosedale all donations will go to Saint Michael’s Hospice in North Yorkshire.


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