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About MS Validated Antibodies

MS Validated Antibodies is devoted to delivering optimal monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry and to provide the users with a unique product documentation enabling them to better know their antibodies. Key features of the MSVA package include:

  • Highly stringent criteria for product selection: Only 130 out of the first 3600 evaluated antibodies were selected for the MSVA portfolio.
  • Unique product documentation including images from more than 50 different normal tissues and more than 20 tumor images per antibody.
  • Protocol suggestions for manual staining and autostainers (Dako, Leica, Ventana).
  • Published data on the performance characteristics of our antibodies are compiled on the MSVA homepage (if available).
  • Extensive educational content is provided for every antibody including links to other relevant sites.


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