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About Poly-Dtech

Poly-Dtech is a French company, based in Strasbourg, specializing in the field of life sciences and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

The company develops and produces high-performance fluorescent nanoparticles and immunoassays with unique characteristics to improve the detection of biomarkers for scientific research, offering higher detection sensitivity with user-friendly protocols applicable in bioanalytical methods (immunoassays) and molecular and cellular biology techniques.

Poly-Dtech’s technology is the result of many years of work and collaboration between experts in nanoparticle synthesis, spectroscopy, biology and analysis techniques in France and worldwide. This synergy has made it possible to create nanoparticles with unparalleled performances characterized by high brightness, high photo-stability, long lifetime, and simplicity to use. Through our technology, we want to improve current screening, drug discovery and early diagnosis of diseases.


Bright-Dtech (ready-to-use conjugated nanoparticles)

Link-Dtech (coupling kits)

TR-FRET kits



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Custom Services

Custom Bright-Dtech coupling

Custom Assay Development (TR-FRET, TR-FLISA and Lateral Flow)