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About Progen

PROGEN  was founded in 1983 by four scientists from Heidelberg, Germany, who joined forces to manufacture and supply high quality antibodies for biomedical research. We help scientists worldwide drive biopharmaceutical and diagnostic progress to provide high-quality and reliable treatments for patients. Our mission is to make new therapies safe and affordable and to improve existing research processes. The PROGEN team consists of bioscientists and adeno-associated virus (AAV) experts who collaborate with specialists around the world. Our products are essentials for research in science and industry. We are more than just a manufacturer of antibodies, AAV gene therapy tools, density gradient media, and phage display technologies: We strive to understand the needs of scientists to develop solutions to jointly address challenges in academic research, biotechnology and pharma. Since 2012, PROGEN has been a 100% subsidiary of the R-Biopharm AG.

PROGEN values

Our commitment: Supporting scientists

Our Mission: Help progress new therapies safely, quickly and affordably

Our goal: Deliver innovative and reliable products for the entire supply chain

What we do: We create antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and more

We at PROGEN support life science and gene therapy, but even more we want to make life science and gene therapy better, together.


We are more than just a manufacturer of antibodies, AAV gene therapy tools, density gradient media and phage display technologies.

We strive to understand what scientists need, so we can create solutions and ultimately deliver high quality antibody and exclusive AAV products,which solve research challenges within academia, biotech and pharma.

For our customers and partners, we ensure support throughout the whole process – from inquiry to application support – so we can continue to be a trusted and reliable partner.


  • antibodies
  • in vitro reagents
  • proteins
  • molecular