Is Social Media Even That Important?

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We've all thought it. Is social media really that important? Can't we just let the intern handle it? Well, what is social media? 10 experts will give you 10 answers. Here’s the problem: there are no social media experts. It simply hasn't existed long enough for us to understand the bigger picture. Anyone claiming to [...]

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PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best?

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PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best? I’m afraid I’m going to stick on the fence here and say both. However, it is for good reason: companies tend to view Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements as mutually exclusive when they are in fact completely the opposite. You need to have [...]

From Cuddly Animals to Cuddly Aliens

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From Cuddly Animals to Cuddly Aliens As we suggested in our blog based on SEO, Google’s latest algorithms prioritise websites that keep their content fresh and those which show off their expertise on a subject. One of the best ways to do this is through videos or animations: but are they actually worth it? And [...]

Why all small business owners should be afraid of Cuddly Animals.

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Written by Mat Taylor Ever heard of Google’s algorithm updates, Panda, Penguin and EDM? These updates have caused uproar around the web and left many webmasters scrambling for answers as their products and websites have dropped rapidly down the Google search rankings. Contacting Google directly to ask what is wrong with my site or why [...]