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As a Business – ‘Are We Prepared for Brexit?’.

Richard Atkins

Sep 24, 2019

Operational E 1

Author: Richard Atkins Richard, our COO, is commercially driven with significant strategic, communication and growth skills.

Richard Atkins

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Sir Winston Churchill

The dreaded, laughable, concerning, wanted, not wanted, dividing word that is ‘Brexit’ is the hot political topic, certainly in the UK and followed away from the United Kingdom with possibly a smile by some, interest by others and concern by many.

I am not going to share my political view, or even discuss politics, it’s messy enough without my input. I would like to share my view of how I believe it is affecting Pivotal Scientific Limited.

As a business – ‘are we prepared for Brexit?’. This is a multi-million-dollar question. There are many things we need to look at to be able to answer the question.

If we look at our customer base as a starting point.

Pivotal Scientific’s merger and acquisition clients are global with UK, European, America’s and Asian companies.

Our outsourced marketing team are working with companies based in Europe, UK, America’s and Asia

The Pivotal Scientific business development team are currently working with companies based in America’s, Europe, United Kingdom, Australasia, Asia

Within recruitment we are helping companies fill positions in Europe, Americas, UK and Asia

The Pivotal Scientific Alliance membership group has a diverse range of represented geographical companies currently in it:

Americas – 29 companies

Europe – 35 companies

United Kingdom – 21 companies

Australasia – 1 company

Asia – 18 companies

Africa – 2 companies

We now host 3 global networking meetings – Pivotal Links in the UK, Asia and Americas

As you can see, we are working globally on all elements of our consultancy services, as HSBC recently outlined in a marketing campaign, ‘We Are Not an Island’ as a business.

As a country we are ‘Open for business’ and as a business we have not seen, to date, any impact from the ending/potential “doom and gloom”. Our daily schedule of early morning calls to China, daily calls to Europe, early evening calls to America has remained constant and continues to grow on a weekly basis. Our international trips abroad to meet with existing clients and discuss opportunities with potential new clients is as busy as ever.

With the post-referendum devaluation of the GBP (£) it is an ideal time for companies seeking a bargain to take advantage of the great value for money they get by investing into the UK.

However Brexit pans out, as a business we don’t like the term ‘No Deal’. There are still deals to be had out there in the big wide world. Just because our political situation is in turmoil it has not changed the way that the Pivotal Scientific Limited team do business. We are here for our clients making sure that they grow.

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