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How to make the most of your PSL Alliance membership

Sorcha Hermon

Jan 7, 2022

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With over 120 members and growing, our PSL Alliance offers companies access to industry knowledge, practical support, and unrivalled global networking opportunities, helping maximise growth and facilitate communication between key players in our industry. We want to ensure that our members find real value in their membership, taking advantage of its key benefits and unlocking its full potential. Keep reading to find out our top tips for making the most of your PSL Alliance membership…

Author: Sorcha Hermon In December 2022, Sorcha moved into the M&A team in an analyst capacity, where she contributes to Pivotal Scientific's successful buy and sell side activities.

Sorcha Hermon

Use our resources

The Pivotal Scientific website has plenty of resources to help members identify, filter through, and learn about potential future connections.

Our interactive list of members can be narrowed down by product type, industry focus, or service, making it easier to find fellow PSL Alliance members, whom you might want to be introduced to. Each of our PSL Alliance members has its own profile page on our website, providing you with valuable information on their Unique Selling Points (USPs, their portfolios, and more, further helping you learn about fellow players in our industry).

Don’t forget – your own member profile is fully tailorable and can be updated with your latest news and features as often as you would like, promoting your offerings to anyone visiting our website.

Our Recommended Distributors page comes top of organic searches for ‘life science distributors,’ with hand-picked Distributors, chosen based on first-hand experience, or by strong recommendation from the many manufacturers we work with. This makes it a great place to visit when expanding your distribution network, or a great place to be added if you are looking for more quality suppliers.

Stay up to date with our LinkedIn and be an active member of our PSL Alliance Member’s Hub to find out about new members, our latest news, and updates, as well as any exclusive offers. Knowing your peers makes it easier to take advantage of the unlimited introductions within the PSL Alliance.

Top tip – many PSL Alliance members haven’t got notification turned on for the Members’ Hub, so make sure to amend this so you don’t miss out!

Take advantage of key benefits

Utilise your 1x Free Entry Ticket to Pivotal Links 2023 next 7-8th June. Meeting us or fellow members and non-members in person can make all the difference in strengthening your network, raising brand awareness, and adding value to your business. A highlight of the year for us, this year’s attendees found it the perfect environment to meet new and existing partners, and many made direct sales from the event.

Our 1x B2B Introduction is a great way to gain a snapshot of our broader B2B service. If you have a company in mind, we can make an introduction. If you have a type of company in mind, let us know and we can provide a select few for you to choose from based on our extensive industry knowledge.

Keep in touch

Whether it’s via email or via quarterly calls with your account manager, regular contact helps us know what you’re looking to gain from the membership.

If we know your company’s direction or focus for the next year or more, we can suggest other Alliance members to connect with or provide tailored recommendations for a variety of business solutions. There’s no obligation to use our services, but as an Alliance member, you get discounts on a range of our core services such as Marketing, B2B Introductions, Feasibility Analysis, Competitor Review and more!

Ask us questions – As a team of consultants with extensive scientific and commercial experience, chances are we have the insight to answer your business-related queries. Drop us an email, and we will work to get back to you as soon as possible.

Provide us with information

Have a new product or service launching? Recently published a case study or whitepaper? Moving premises? We want to know.

With your latest information, we can boost your digital presence, raising valuable brand awareness, by sharing it across our social platforms, and in our PSL Alliance and non-Alliance newsletters.

The team of Pivotal Scientific is always around to help. To book a catch-up call with a member of the team, get in contact with us today.

Not a member yet? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us at to sign up, or to arrange a prospective call.

Take the plunge and join the PSL Alliance.

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