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Why Join an Alliance?

Kristina Whitfield

Oct 25, 2016

Alliance 1

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

The PSL Alliance:

It has to be your choice and you have to understand the benefits of joining. Those benefits have to be fundamental to your business growth and you need to be able to measure the ROI (Return on Investment).

At Pivotal Scientific Limited we became aware that the Life Science industry and especially the research reagent manufacturers (manufacturers of antibodies, proteins, ELISA/Assay kits and tools for molecular biology) sector would benefit from working together within an Alliance. So in 2012 we formed the Pivotal Scientific Limited (PSL) Alliance. We have helped facilitate and participated in business agreements with many of the largest providers of Life Science products, including the following companies on behalf of our Alliance members:

Bio-techne Rockland Thermo Fisher Scientific BioLegend BBI Solutions OriGene Abcam

The PSL Alliance was formed to enable these companies to have very strong working relationships in order to help them grow their sales and brand awareness. PSL Alliance members receive our support where required to enable them to achieve their business goals and reach their full potential

Since we formed the PSL Alliance in 2012 we have refined and developed the membership benefits and in 2016 we completely re-aligned the PSL Alliance.

The PSL Alliance now has a 2 tier structure, supported by a suite of services which members can choose from to help them support their business.

Quite simply we have Core Alliance Membership and VIP Alliance Membership.

Core Alliance Membership Consists of:

  • An arena for networking, being introduced by us to key contacts within the research reagents sector
  • Free admission to the Pivotal Scientific Limited Networking Meeting
  • Online promotion, with listing on the Pivotal Scientific Limited Website
  • Free addition to the relevant Antibody lists
  • Discounts by PSL Alliance members to PSL Alliance Members
  • Industry news via a monthly newsletter
  • Free Antibody Market Report

VIP Alliance Membership Consists Of:

  • All of the Core PSL Alliance membership benefits
  • Pivotal Scientific will become your outsourced Business Development team
  • Pivotal Scientific Limited will create a bespoke plan of growth initiatives and help you implement them to maximise your company’s success
  • A Sales & Marketing Audit
  • A Company Health Check
  • A full Competitor Analysis
  • Board Advisory Service
  • B2B Introductions
  • Manage Distributor & OEM Relations

Our Suite Of Services Consists Of The Following:

  • Operational Efficiency: Market & Competitor Analysis, Market Reports, Company Health Check, Sales & Marketing Audit
  • Brand Awareness: Social Media, Design Service
  • Sales Growth: B2B Introductions, Access to the Chinese Market, Manage Distributors & OEM Partners
  • Exit Strategy: Mergers, Acquisitions & Management Buyouts

PSL Alliance members get certain services depending at which level they join, for those that are not included in their Alliance Membership level they can choose a standalone service, if they so wish, to grow their business.

The PSL Alliance has grown since its conception from a few companies to over 70+ and more and more are joining on a weekly basis.

We are still looking for ways to further support the PSL Alliance members to ensure that they receive real value for money and can see that by joining the Alliance they will get real ROI

So the question arises again: Why join the PSL Alliance?

You should join because we have the best contacts in the industry and the best in-depth market insight worldwide. We know what it is like when you are a small to medium business because we have been there too, we have run start-up companies and grown them all the way to acquisition and beyond, utilising this experience to help your business develop.

We would support your growth plan and advise and guide you on the Pivotal Scientific Limited suite of services most suitable to take your business to the next level. It could be a Social Media campaign or a Management Buyout but utilising the experience we have gained can help you make the right choices.

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