Endotoxin-Free Stem Cell Growth Factors & Cytokines Expressed in Barley Increase Reproducibility

Sharon Craggs

Jan 21, 2019

Cell Sciences

NEWBURYPORT, MA – November 26, 2018 – Cell Sciences, a supplier of high-quality reagents for biological research, announces an expanding line of high purity cytokines and growth factors. These products have been developed using a unique barley grain expression system to be 100% endotoxin-free by bypassing the use of animal or human serum, or bacterial products during production.

Commonly referred to as barley seed endosperm, researchers are increasingly using this bioreactor for proteins having eukaryotic folding and glycosylation, low proteolytic, and pyrogenic activities.

“Our customers have expressed increased desire for these endotoxin-free products as data continues to support that an endotoxin limit of 1 EU/µg that is generally allowed in E. coli produced growth factors, significantly limits reproducibility of stem cell cultures,” said Dr. Anne Sloan, Technical Support Scientist at Cell Sciences. “Fluctuations in endotoxin contaminants between lots of the same growth factor can have varying and unpredictable results. Using our endotoxin-free growth factors, researchers can be confident of achieving consistency in their stem cell experiments.”

Using these ultra-pure reagents has been proven to increase reproducibility in stem cell culture experiments and in saving time and resources. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional recombinant proteins.

View Cell Sciences’ line of high quality, endotoxin-free cytokines and growth factors here.

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