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‘We will be back’ - China Trip 2017 Last month, we had our delegation trip to China. This is the second China trip Pivotal Scientific has organised and we welcomed back some familiar faces like Azra Dedic-Schwaiger from Biomedica and Raff and Jonas Baeuerle from Biozol. This year we were also joined by PSL Alliance members Dan [...]

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Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report 2017

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Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report 2017   Pivotal Scientific is proud to have recently published its fifth annual Antibody Market Report. This year it indicates that there have been substantial changes in the antibody landscape between 2016 and 2017, with the global primary antibodies market growing in worth to $900 million, a significant slice of [...]

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3 reasons not to blame it on the Antibodies

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Antibodies have been pin pointed as the main culprit in the reproducibility issue surrounding the research reagents sector today. However is it too cynical and perhaps plain simplistic to place all the blame on the antibodies alone? Could it be that it is not just the antibodies that are the issue, but the way scientists [...]

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Avoiding problems in your experiments by buying your research reagents in bulk

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‘Hmm,’ you think, ‘that’s weird. Maybe I screwed up.’ And so you repeat the experiment, more carefully this time, aware that you’re burning through your already meagre sample volume. You get the same result. Why aren’t the controls working? You go through everything, and find the only thing that’s changed between this experiment and the [...]