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Business Development – Reflecting on Pivotal Links 2019

Jenny Gillard

Sep 25, 2019

Pivotal Sci 2

Author: Jenny Gillard Jenny is Chief Commercial Officer for Pivotal Scientific.

Jenny Gillard

The curtain has closed on Pivotal Links UK for another year, and what a networking event it was. Pivotal Scientific are so grateful and humbled by the outcome, and how far some attendees travel. It really is a wonderful occasion to meet with many fellow PSL Alliance members, Recommended Distributors and also welcome new attendees. As the Business Development Manager for Pivotal Scientific Limited, it was interesting to host and participate in meetings, and equally insightful to observe how individuals interact with one another in such a conference setting.

In summary – Business Development observations and parameters for successful B2B relationships:

  • Make connections with the right people/decision makers for your offering
  • Do your homework and take the time to know your audience
  • Be consistent – fulfil your promises (but do not over promise!)
  • Communication is key – listen, take notes and consider information before replying
  • Manage expectations by agreeing mutual targets together

As Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”. And that seems to be the core value behind successful relationships.

One key message that the team have taken from this, previous Pivotal Links Events and our many meetings with clients, has been the focus by a lot of SME companies on Research & Development of their products or services, but the lack of focus on commercialisation (sales & marketing). Obviously, bringing products or services to market is a big financial leap and requires experienced resource to action. This is where Pivotal Scientific Limited can help.

How Pivotal Scientific can help:

Unless you have fulltime, dedicated, industry-experienced sales personnel, it isn’t always possible to invest the time to action well-researched, targeted B2B sales outreach, not to mention the follow-up activity. This is where Pivotal Scientific Limited can make a difference. Via our B2B Introduction service, we can offer the following benefits:

  • Time – we do the outreach on your behalf so that you can focus on your other business critical projects
  • Contacts – given our 35+ years industry heritage, we have existing relationships with many companies who we can approach on your behalf
  • Targeted – we offer our thoughts on appropriate target audiences and apply a tailored outreach campaign accordingly
  • Many minds for one fee! The Business Development team is comprised of sales personnel and technical experts who consider, discuss their thoughts and conclude on proactive outreach for each client. Consideration and collaboration – leave it with us.

If you might like to start conversations today and help build your sales network, please get in touch today; Jenny will be happy to help.

Written by Jenny Gillard, Global Business Development Manager

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