The nature of our work relies heavily on people-interaction and knowing who to contact. As a result, we have naturally accrued over 30 years of hands-on experience and market knowledge of many worldwide distributors within the research reagent industry.

Finding and even selecting a good distributor can however be a daunting prospect. So, to help with the decision-making process, Pivotal Scientific has created a list of Recommended Distributors. This is an initiative where we constantly review and extend our coverage of distributors throughout the world to recommend one, sometimes two, life science distributor(s) per country to suppliers wishing to expand their reach.

These Recommended Distributors have proven themselves worthy of the title because they demonstrate qualities such as:

Although we cannot guarantee the distributor’s performance please be reassured that the vast majority of our hand-picked distributors have been selected based on first-hand experience spanning over 10 years of historic partnerships, or by strong recommendations from the many manufacturers/suppliers we work with.

We are always interested to hear from potential distributor partners, so if your company fits the criteria and would like to be considered as one of Pivotal Scientific’s Recommended Distributors, please get in touch. In addition, if you would like to be introduced to one of our distributors, please do get in touch with Jenny for more information or assistance.