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About Cosmo Bio

Cosmo Bio provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan and around the world.  Their ability to supply a vast array of products and information allows them to serve the needs of all of their customers. By making full use of their international network, coupled with the highest quality information, they support the life sciences community with a level of commitment and responsibility befitting a company that is trusted by its valued customers.




Small Molecules

Recombinant Proteins and Peptides

Cells and Cell culture products


  • antibodies
  • kits
  • proteins
  • molecular
  • custom services
  • in vitro reagents
  • cells tissues
  • dyes

Custom Services

Assay Development

MAb Development

MAb Production

PAb Production

Peptide Synthesis

Protein Expression