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As an independent distributor and manufacturer of life science products and services for research and diagnostics, we strive to build long-term relationships with both our clients and suppliers. In accomplishing our mission, it is our experience that knowledge makes the difference.

We invest in the latest state of the art technology standards in Life Sciences and Diagnostics, from development at the source to professionals at the laboratories in Pharma, Academia and Biotech industry. This enables acceleration and expanding of fundamental / applied research and diagnostics, which ultimately benefits the progression of health care in general.

The exchange of scientific knowledge is the key element in our communications. Our dedicated team brings a portfolio of products to the market supported by a logistic infrastructure which meets the latest standards in regulatory requirements. We aim to maintain our role as a preferred partner for our stakeholders. Our chosen strategy and directions will be initiated and guided by current and future market trends & developments.

Under the brand name MONOSANĀ®, Sanbio develops, manufactures, and markets antibodies and antibody-related products. Our portfolio includes over 1000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents. We welcome you to discover more information about our products and worldwide distributors at

Sharing our knowledge
On a daily basis, our team of specialists and direct field sales force is in close contact with suppliers and customers. Visiting and participating in events, international congresses, and conventions enables us to meet suppliers and customers as well as stay on top of innovations and developments.

We exchange knowledge during every contact opportunity with you. This allows us to find perfect solutions and offer excellent customer support and service. Via our website, we also share extensive product information, scientific webinars, blogs, and the latest news.

Our continuous efforts to improve our high standard of quality and support stretches from innovative life science portfolio additions to hiring staff. Quality applies to the products we supply, the lab facilities we offer, and the logistic systems we implemented. In 1997, our service system was one of the first Dutch biotech companies to be ISO 9001 certified by DNV GL. Recently, this quality certification was updated with the attainment of the most recent standard ISO 9001:2015.

The highest standard is our promise.

Top Selling Products/Ranges

  • Immunology & Pathology
  • Microbiology & Genomics
  • Labware & Transplantation
  • Cell Biology & Environmental

Custom Services

  • Antibody Engineering
  • Antibody Expression
  • Antibody Purification
  • Antibody Sequencing
  • Antibody Validation
  • Assay Development
  • Cell Culture
  • Pathology Services