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About Labospace

Labospace is a CRO for antibody validation and quantitative biomarker or pathogen detection through IHC and multiplex PCR analyses. Pivotal Scientific is helping Labospace to increase awareness of its brand through our SEO and Google Adwords services. PSL also introduces Labospace to B2B partners. Labospace has a 500 sqm facility in the heart of Milano, fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available: Luminex/Multiplex platform, NGS capability, and Sequencing, FACS, IHC platform. They also have hubs in San Diego and Oxford, the most vibrant areas of the Life Science community. Their services are highly profiled to meet the need of a wide range of Biomedical Science areas and are addressed to Pharma – Bio-Tech – Academy – Hospitals.


Luminex testing service

Phatology for Human and Mouse


CRISP/CAS Gene Editing


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Custom Services

Antibody Validation

Assay Development

DNA/RNA Sequencing

Gene Editing

Luminex Testing

Pathology Services