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Pivotal Scientific’s B2B Service: The What, the Why and the How

Jenny Gillard

Jul 16, 2020

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Business development is not an easy task to fulfill when you have other seemingly more important work plates to be spinning, as we explain here…

Author: Jenny Gillard Jenny is Chief Commercial Officer for Pivotal Scientific.

Jenny Gillard

Post updated: April 2022

Business Development and Sales Management personnel will echo the sentiment that it takes conscious effort, consistency, determination, and a healthy dose of genuine desire to make a relationship work to convert a new contact into a budding working relationship. This is true of every field, not just life sciences, and not just at work either!

B2B relationships take time to develop so, add to that a strong foundation of respect and trust with your contact, and you can understand why and how Pivotal Scientific’s B2B service came into existence: we have been around for many years and already established such relationships!

“So how does the service work?”

As with every person, each company is different and the approach is unique. We do not simply apply the same B2B Service methodology to each client. Instead, we employ our logic and knowledge from 35+ years of industry learning to create a tailor-made solution. In short, Pivotal Scientific is flexible to your needs.


  • Company X has a strong sales network of distributors and OEM partners but cannot seem to secure a Distributor in a particular territory. We can help.
  • Company Y is in the early stage of its lifecycle and does not know how to go about creating a sales channel. We can help introduce you to both Distributors and OEM partners.
  • Company Z has been running effectively for several years, but it needs that objective, commercial-focused boost. Again, we can tailor our service to offer such a solution.

For Company Z, as an example, the following parameters enable Pivotal Scientific to consider the current company situation and help give it momentum to reach its goal:

Reviewing the existing sales channels means considering ALL B2B partners in the business (the exploration of which Pivotal can cover in a detailed Business Plan service):

  • Distributors:
    • Are there territories not currently covered by existing distributors?
    • Who/where are the poor performing distributors? Might our client be better represented by a Recommended Distributor or another Distributor we know well?
  • OEM:
    • Are there other OEM companies Pivotal Scientific knows of who could be interested in this company’s products/services?

By knowing those key players AND who to contact within these organisations, we can improve communication and thus, ultimately, help improve sales. In addition, when we action such outreach with focus and determination to gain feedback, we naturally schedule follow-up activity to non-responders to gain that all important final answer where possible.

“What are the options?”

Depending on your requirements, we can offer the following service options:

  1. One distributor in one territory (one-off project)
  2. Several distributors in several territories (one-off project)
  3. OEM partners (to OEM-in your products) – (over 12 months)
  4. Sales Channel review and outreach – (over 12 months)
  5. Whole Sales Channel creation via outreach and continual review – (over 12 months)

…do you have something else in mind? Let us know.

“Why action Pivotal Scientific with this service?”

In short, we recommend your brand by investing our time in researching and reaching out to our known contacts to offer your product/product range for their review.  For example, one can only imagine how many suppliers contact a distributor each day. By working with Pivotal Scientific, we actively promote your company to our known contacts at our known distributors/OEM partners of choice thereby increasing the likelihood of gaining feedback and interest for your company.

“What if we already have a Business Development Manager in house?”

Fantastic! We would not work to the same focus nor would we compete with them; the risk of potentially contacting the same outreach recipient would not reflect well for the company. So, instead, we would assist them by generating those positive leads for them to then handle in house. Only if you would like our help with the onboarding would we get involved to that point: Pivotal Scientific can help to the level you need.

Not sure? Why not contact Jenny to organise a FREE VC to determine where you are at, where you want to be and how this service could help you.

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