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Disaster Recovery Plan- Why bother?

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We at PSL encourage our clients to be proactive about ensuring the recovery and continuation of their business following a natural or human- induced disaster. For this reason we have introduced a ‘Disaster Recovery Plan’  as a valuable new addition to our existing services. During this process we identify major threats to your organisation and put in place … Read more

Opening a logistics hub for life science products in America & Europe

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All companies are seeking to expand their business and finding ways to reach and exploit new markets is key to this. Establishing a presence via a subsidiary or branch offers many advantages for both the company and its end users; however, for smaller companies this is often prohibitively expensive, despite the advantages. For this reason … Read more

Pivotal Scientific Ltd and Exalpha Biologicals, Inc. Sign Agreement to Manage Distribution Network and Develop New Business Opportunities

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Oxfordshire, UK and Shirley, MA, US, June 10, 2013 – Pivotal Scientific Ltd, a consultancy company specialising in developing the international growth of biotech SMEs, and Exalpha Biologicals, Inc, a developer of superior research products, are pleased to announce their agreement for Pivotal Scientific Ltd to manage Exalpha’s distribution network and seek out new business … Read more

Is your IP worth the paper it’s written on?

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Of course, this a rhetorical question but it does beg the more reasonable question: what is the value of your IP? Simply put, valuing IP is a multi-disciplinary process involving evidence-based judgements of market value, combined with assessments of how a particular market(s) might perform in the future and backed up by rigorous due diligence … Read more

PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best?

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PPC Adverts or SEO: which is best? I’m afraid I’m going to stick on the fence here and say both. However, it is for good reason: companies tend to view Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements as mutually exclusive when they are in fact completely the opposite. You need to have … Read more

Patent Box Legislation and what it could mean to your company’s corporation tax payments.

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What is it?  This is a preferential tax regime which will allow companies to apply a 10% corporation tax rate to profits which can be attributed to patents and other IP instead of the mainstream rate of 23%. It is part of the government’s initiative promoting the UK as ‘The Place to be’ for innovative … Read more

“I wrote a business plan once and haven’t since” – why a business plan is good for your company and your employees

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The quote above is one that PSL hears many times from our clients: so why do we continue to swim against the tide?! Even if you are a small company it is important to have a clear idea of where you are currently and where you want to be. Perhaps more importantly, you need to … Read more