Introduction to Inflammation Markers

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Inflammation is the body’s generic response to pathogens, irritants, or damaged cells, and it is considered a hallmark of the innate immune response. Its function is to eliminate the initial causes of cell damage, to remove necrotic cells and tissues and to initiate tissue repair.  The classical signs of acute inflammation are heat, pain, redness … Read more

Introduction to Hormones

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Hormones are signalling molecules secreted by glands (endocrine signalling system) for communication between organs and tissues for physiological regulation and behaviour. They affect their target cells by binding to a specific receptor to activate a signal transduction pathway. Upon secretion, certain hormones are water-soluble and are readily transported through the circulatory system, while others are … Read more

Bio-Helix Exclusive B2B Free Trial Offer!

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PSL Alliance Member Bio-Helix has been in the life sciences research market for 12 years providing top quality, ISO 9001:2008 certified, molecular biology reagents to researchers globally. Bio-Helix brands GeneDirex, PureDirex and now LifeDirex offer a product range that includes DNA markers, protein ladders, nucleic acid purification kits, western blotting solutions, enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) substrates … Read more

Antibodies… What Are The Alternatives?

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The use of antibodies in research is well established with an estimated research reagent market size of $1.4 billion. Furthermore, the value of the therapeutic antibody market is considerably larger, with antibody-based drugs in clinical use to treat conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease. In addition, the recent growth of the antibody … Read more

Pivotal Links Testimonial – Vertebrate Antibodies

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“Vertebrate Antibodies was established in 2011 by four scientists; including myself, Abdo, Steve and Beatriz. In the beginning, we had a very academic focus through collaborations with prominent scientists such as Professors Graeme Murray and Christopher Secombers, promoting and citing Vertebrate Antibodies’ products through international conferences and publications. Jump forward to 2017 and although product … Read more

Google Ads CTR: Three Ways to Improve Your Rate

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What are ‘Google Ads’? Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform which allows you to design and create adverts for your products, services or other promotions. They are displayed either on the Google search results page, YouTube, Gmail or other affiliate marketing sites. And therefore, as the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks … Read more

Gente Group Testimonial

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The truth that every company faces: management can either make or break a company by the way they treat those in their care. Marcus Buckingham once said, “People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers”. Food for thought for every employee with direct reports. However, it’s perhaps not a thought that is regularly assessed. … Read more

Absolute Antibody Opens New Facility to Support Continued Growth of its Recombinant Antibody Technology

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New UK facility significantly increases laboratory space and antibody production capacity November 6, 2018. Absolute Antibody Ltd., specialists in antibody sequencing, engineering and recombinant expression with a vision to make recombinant antibody technology accessible to all, today announced the opening of a new facility in northeast England. The new facility more than doubles Absolute Antibody’s … Read more