Synthetic immune reagents as alternatives to antibodies raised in animals

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Introduction The classic method used to generate antibodies for research purposes is to immunize an animal with the protein of interest (or a part thereof), and allow the animal to elicit an immune response to generate antibodies that specifically bind to the immunised protein. The antibodies can then be purified from the serum or plasma. … Read more

The Pivotal Scientific Limited Antibody Market Report

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The Threat of Pandemic to Antibody Supply Chain Stability┬╣ By June this year you will have access to purchase, or will have received, as a PSL Alliance member, the Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report. We have decided this year, after releasing the 2020 report to step back and reassess for 2-3 years and let the … Read more

Antibody Validation

Time to get serious about antibody quality Anyone in the research antibody business will be aware that discussions relating to antibody quality and validation have been gathering pace over the last couple of years. General concerns relate to antibody specificity, sensitivity and batch to batch variation which can result in wasted research time and money. … Read more

3 reasons not to blame it on the Antibodies

Antibodies have been pin pointed as the main culprit in the reproducibility issue surrounding the research reagents sector today. However is it too cynical and perhaps plain simplistic to place all the blame on the antibodies alone? Could it be that it is not just the antibodies that are the issue, but the way scientists … Read more