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Managing distributors, preparing for ISO9001 certification and establishing a loyal customer network: Breaking down the success of our longest-standing PSL Alliance member, Agrisera

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Agrisera is a provider of off-the-shelf antibodies for plant and algal research with reactivity to thousands of species. Their extensive list of antibodies is suitable for detection of plant cell compartments and photosystem I and II proteins. Since 2000, their products have been cited in thousands of publications and in June 2021, Agrisera received ISO 9001 certification. We … Read more

How 2022’s scientific advances are driving research in 2023


The past year has undoubtedly been a year of transitions, from navigating the social distancing measures to reorienting ourselves, travelling and keeping up to date with how strike actions affect our daily routines. A Nature study published in January 2023 suggests a stagnation in disruptive science and technology, with a decline in the number of … Read more

How to make the most of your PSL Alliance membership

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Use our resources The Pivotal Scientific website has plenty of resources to help members identify, filter through, and learn about potential future connections. Our interactive list of members can be narrowed down by product type, industry focus, or service, making it easier to find fellow PSL Alliance members, whom you might want to be introduced … Read more

Base editors – a powerful new tool for genetic engineering


Introduction Gene editing has been featured prominently in the news recently. With studies published in Nature and Science, describing the advancement of sophisticated gene editing tools known as base editors. While the article in Nature details further development on the powerful CRISPR technology for editing DNA, the publication in Science presents a highly promising RNA … Read more

Pivotal Scientific welcomes proposals to boost the UK’s status as a world leader in life sciences

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Introduction The Government’s industrial strategy green paper was launched in January, with the aim of addressing long-term challenges to the UK economy. It identified the life sciences industry as a dominant economic sector within the UK, generating approximately £64 billion of turnover, employing >200,000 scientists and staff, and providing an exceptional environment for businesses to … Read more

Small Molecules

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Introduction ‘Small molecules’ (SMs) are a diverse set of organic molecules that can be hard to pin down more specifically. In life sciences research, what we usually mean is bioactive small molecules, with a mass no more than about one kilodalton. Scientists can use these small molecules to activate or inhibit some biological function or property. The … Read more