Antibody Market Report 2018

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Antibody Market Report 2018 At Pivotal Scientific this month, we are busy compiling our sixth annual Antibody Market Report. A yearly review of the international research antibody market, sharing industry knowledge and expertise in areas such as global research trends and online marketing. We are delighted to announce that this year’s report will include [...]

Organoid Research

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Organoid Research It has long been known that cells cultured in two dimensions (2D) are not representative of the in vivo situation as a result of their growth being restricted to a flat surface. This minimises cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, causing the distinctive phenotype to be lost and the cells to react differently to external [...]

2017 Roundup

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2017 Roundup As is so often the case, the year has flown by, and it’s once again time to reflect on some of the key events which have impacted PSL Alliance members and the biotechnology industry as a whole during the past twelve months. While 2017 has been a year of change following the UK’s [...]

Pivotal Scientific welcomes proposals to boost the UK’s status as a world leader in life sciences

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Introduction The Government’s industrial strategy green paper was launched in January, with the aim of addressing long-term challenges to the UK economy. It identified the life sciences industry as a dominant economic sector within the UK, generating approximately £64 billion of turnover, employing >200,000 scientists and staff, and providing an exceptional environment for businesses to [...]

Small Molecules

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Small Molecules ‘Small molecules’ (SMs) are a diverse set of organic molecules, and one that can be hard to pin down more specifically. In life sciences research, what we usually mean is bioactive small molecules, with a mass no more than about one kilodalton. Scientists can use these small molecules to activate or inhibit some biological function [...]

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Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report 2017

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Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report 2017   Pivotal Scientific is proud to have recently published its fifth annual Antibody Market Report. This year it indicates that there have been substantial changes in the antibody landscape between 2016 and 2017, with the global primary antibodies market growing in worth to $900 million, a significant slice of [...]

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Flow Cytometry

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Flow Cytometry Flow cytometry allows researchers or clinicians to independently measure the properties of different types of cells, and to use quantitative measurements to classify and isolate cell based on these properties. It’s hugely powerful technique in biotech and a rapidly growing one. BCC Research, an analyst company, predicts that flow cytometry (FC) will grow to become, [...]

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