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Molecular farming and antibody production – future reality or pipe dream?

Antibody Engineering Recombinant Antibodies

I was recently struck by several review articles on molecular farming and how it is applied to antibody production (1,2).  Surprisingly, the first scientific paper on recombinant antibody production in plants was published in 1989 (3).  Recombinant antibody production is the gold standard in biopharmaceutical production and becoming more popular for diagnostic and reagent antibodies.  … Read more

The link between Dementia and Hypertension


The number of cases of dementia is expected to rapidly rise due to our global ageing population. Dementia is a distressing condition characterised by gradual cognitive decline. Affecting mostly elderly patients, Alzheimer’s disease is a major cause of dementia accounting for around 70% of all cases. It has been well established that there is a … Read more

As a Business – ‘Are We Prepared for Brexit?’.

Operational E 1

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Sir Winston Churchill The dreaded, laughable, concerning, wanted, not wanted, dividing word that is ‘Brexit’ is the hot political topic, certainly in the UK and followed away from the United Kingdom with possibly a smile by some, interest by … Read more

Phage Display Systems


Introduction Phage display is a powerful technique discovered over thirty years ago. Since then, a variety of phages have been investigated for their utility. Most notable among these are the Ff filamentous phage family, lambda phage, T4 phage, and T7 phage. The Ff filamentous phage family is often preferred for its lysogenic life cycle. Lambda, … Read more