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Nordic Immunological Labs Acquires MUbio

Kristina Whitfield

Feb 11, 2013

Exit Strategy 5

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

The Netherlands, 4 February 2013

Today, Nordic Immunological Laboratories BV acquired the assets of MUbio Holding BV.

Nordic will continue to develop and manufacture high quality MUbio research antibody reagents in the same facilities and with the same key personnel as before, all according to strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

CEO Ronald Rutten declared that the merger of the assets of MUbio along with the activities of Nordic will lead to a broad product portfolio of over 3,000 different antibodies, state of the art R&D, production and logistics facilities and synergy in distribution channels.

CSO Prof Frans Ramaekers added that, to extend its product range of antibodies and diagnostic applications, Nordic/MUbio is continuously in close contact with different academic institutions, research groups and commercial partners to select additional opportunities.

For further information, please feel free to contact Ronald Rutten (rutten@nordiclabs.nl)


Pivotal Scientific Ltd will be in charge of all Sales and Marketing activities on behalf of new company.

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