Pivotal Scientific will be attending MEDICA (Dusseldorf) on 16th November and BSI (Liverpool) on 6th December


Antibody Attacking Bacterium
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Percorso Life Sciences

Percorso Life Sciences is a full-service provider for your scientific recruitment and staff needs.  They assist their clients by linking them with top professionals & managers in their respective field.  Percorso maintains a fundamental commitment to excellence that is evident in all of their engagements.

Percorso Life Sciences is a consultative support and implementation organisation that specialises in providing expert strategic, business, operational, and tactical execution to Life Science tools and services providers. Their ability to partner, advise, and execute leads to successful and measurable business growth in the North American Life Science market. They accomplish this by focusing on a variety of client requirements designed to minimise financial investment and market risk.  Percorso Life Sciences is able to work in a transparent partnership with clients’ strategic objectives to capture and maximise value creation.