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Pivotal Scientific Ltd and Exalpha Biologicals, Inc. Sign Agreement to Manage Distribution Network and Develop New Business Opportunities

Kristina Whitfield

Jun 11, 2013

Pivotal Sci 1

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

Oxfordshire, UK and Shirley, MA, US, June 10, 2013 – Pivotal Scientific Ltd, a consultancy company specialising in developing the international growth of biotech SMEs, and Exalpha Biologicals, Inc, a developer of superior research products, are pleased to announce their agreement for Pivotal Scientific Ltd to manage Exalpha’s distribution network and seek out new business opportunities.

As companies jostle and race to bring new products to market for the biosciences, sometimes their quality and effectiveness can take a hit – and the end user loses. Exalpha addresses this through a focus on only releasing products that rise above mediocrity. Just kicking the tyres isn’t enough; Exalpha puts in the lab work needed to make sure their products work consistently well and surpass the expectations of their customers.

Under the new agreement Pivotal Scientific will use their extensive experience and contacts in the biologics for research use only sector to actively hunt for new business opportunities for Exalpha as well as managing the distribution network for their products. “Through this agreement we will broaden end user access to Exalpha’s products globally,” said James Mosedale, Business Development Manager at Pivotal, “as well as actively finding new opportunities to provide growth for Exalpha.”

“We feel confident that Pivotal Scientific, with their unique mix of expertise and contacts in the sector, are precisely the right people to be working with,” said President of Exalpha Biologicals, Inc. John Castracane, “and we’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of this agreement as new distributors and researchers gain access to our growing product portfolio.”

About Exalpha:

Exalpha was founded over 18 years ago by a group of scientists dedicated to accelerating the pace of discovery in the life sciences by rapidly developing and marketing unique products at the forefront of science.

In order to develop great products, you have to ask the right questions when you start. Where some companies are satisfied with ‘average’, ‘good enough’ or ‘me too’ products, Exalpha only settles for products that answer the pertinent questions. Exalpha continually monitors scientific trends and recent literature, we strive to produce products that answer real needs.  Exalpha has a long history of developing uniquely superior products that simply perform well, allowing researchers to focus on the task at hand and not on the quality of a supplier’s products.

For further information about Exalpha Biologicals, please contact:

John Castracane, President

Exalpha Biologicals


About Pivotal Scientific Ltd

Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL) is a consultancy working specifically with manufacturers developing reagents for life science research. PSL works with start-ups to help develop their business, sales and marketing strategies, with SMEs looking to take the next step and grow internationally and larger companies looking to acquire other companies.

For further information about Pivotal Scientific, please contact:

James Mosedale, Business Development Manager

Pivotal Scientific Ltd

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