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Pivotal Scientific advises Atlas Antibodies on its purchase of Evitria

Pivotal Scientific advises Atlas Antibodies on its purchase of Evitria


Pivotal Scientific Limited supported Atlas Antibodies in their decision making on the purchase of Evitria by undertaking commercial due diligence and providing expert advisory services.

Atlas Antibodies wanted to make sure they were making the right move prior to purchasing Evitria, so they needed to know as much as possible about them and their technology. On behalf of Atlas Antibodies, Pivotal Scientific Limited completed end-to-end ‘commercial due diligence’, allowing Atlas Antibodies to learn more about Evitria in order to make a decision on the purchase. PSL also acted as the expert in supporting the overall business process.

Pivotal Scientific completed a deep-dive and reviewed the following:

  • Overall market opportunity
  • IVD market opportunity
  • Market growth by region
  • Competitive landscape
  • The IVD market players
  • Review of what makes Evitria special in terms of scientific capabilities
  • Synergies, both cost and revenue.

Why did Atlas Antibodies need this information? To put it simply, due diligence and expert advisory arms you with the information you need to ensure that you’re going into a major acquisition with your eyes wide open, rather than relying on trust and ‘good faith’. It allows you in advance to really think about how your potential acquisition will fit with your current entity to strengthen both companies.  Done properly, it can save you from making bad decisions and help protect your long term viability.

If you would like to find out more, contact Pivotal Scientific Limited today.

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