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Antibody Attacking Bacterium

Trusted by the world’s largest and innovative pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research organisations, eMolecules offers an industry-leading, powerful search and fulfilment platform for antibodies and specialty chemistry compounds required for early drug discovery research.

With just a few clicks, the eMolecules platform enables researchers to access specialised antibodies from hundreds of the top supplier catalogs globally through an aggregated, uniform, searchable, curated database, saving value time and costs searching for and procuring antibodies.

Their biology-specific eCommerce platform provides:

  • Fast, intuitive searches by host, target, application, clonality, conjugation, catalog number, supplier or industry-standard accession numbers.
  • Standardised nomenclature and vocabulary across the various supplier descriptions for easier search and search results interpretation
  • Near-instant search results, with easy, intuitive refinement options
  • Seamless integration with each customer site’s eProcurement system

Founded in 2005, eMolecules is a company built by scientists for scientists with a vision to accelerate the pace of drug discovery by reducing inefficiencies and frustrations associated with complex search and acquisition of critical chemical and biological reagents. Instead of struggling through dozens of spreadsheets, each with its own unique terms, layout, product categories, and pricing system, eMolecules' biologics database offers a single portal of high-quality catalog data from the best antibodies suppliers globally.