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Antibody Attacking Bacterium
Labscoop was founded in early January 2014, set on a path that will fundamentally change the way scientists shop for lab reagents, consumables, and equipment. Their company strives to create an amazing user experience for scientists with in-depth product peer reviews, comprehensive product specifications and associated data files that will allows scientists to quickly and easily search, compare and order products while also keeping track of their lab inventory.

For scientists, purchasing products for an experiment could mean spending a tremendous amount of time searching and ordering products, jumping from site to site, logging into multiple company accounts, with multiple usernames, passwords, going through multiple checkout processes. Labscoop solves this by facilitating a one stop shopping portal with streamlined order management with products from industry leading vendors and also vendors that you may have never heard of. They offer a comprehensive product catalog where scientists can search, shop and compare millions of products with an integrated inventory management system and numerous other features designed to make supply chain management easier on the biomedical scientist.

It has been shown time and time again that is the research industry, word-of-mouth is the most powerful factor in influencing sales decisions. Labscoop are committed to developing a platform that allows scientists to do just that – record and share their experiences and give feedback on specific products. Their focus is to create a global scientific community in which we can accelerate the progress of scientific discovery, while ensuring maximum utilisation of research funding.