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Monoclonal Antibody Database

Antibody Attacking Bacterium

Pivotal Scientific has utilised its years of experience in the research antibody industry to launch our Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturer Database. The purpose of this database, which will not be publicly accessible, is to host a list of the original manufacturers of key monoclonal antibodies used in research today. Thus enabling us to put manufacturers in contact with customers, saving the customer both time and money by avoiding entering a chain of relabel companies. The benefit to manufacturers is that Pivotal Scientific will be able to introduce interested B2B business partners, who wish to work with the antibody manufacturer - rather than a re-labeller.

The Monoclonal Antibody Database is our industry resource containing over 20,000 antibodies and their manufacturers. Let us source your wish list of monoclonal antibodies straight from the manufacturer.

Are you a manufacturer and want to be listed on our database?

Have a wish list of monoclonal antibodies and need to be introduced to manufacturers?

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