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PSC Biotech

Antibody Attacking Bacterium

Founded in 1996, PSC Biotech® has spent more than two decades providing the life sciences with essential services to ensure that healthcare products are developed, manufactured and distributed to the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Their goal is to sky-rocket their clients’ success. They attain top-tier expertise to each stage of a project, from generating thorough, comprehensive project plans to reaching extensive production operations, into attentive asset management, authenticity, and non-expendable ventures.

PSC® serves as a strategic partner to emerging and established life science companies, all in an effort to help bring their life-saving products to market. PSC® operates in 52 countries globally and has served thousands of clients to date. Employing a global team of skilled professional and experts that span across strategically located offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, they are proud of the roles they have fulfilled to help their clients achieve success.