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About FluoroFinder

FluoroFinder’s technology utilizes AI to analyse millions of marker and fluorophore combinations to provide you with an optimized experiment design.

Their technology empowers scientists with an experiment design platform that increases the speed and quality of their research. They provide streamlined workflow tools that leverage a comprehensive collection of instrument configurations and antibodies from all suppliers to simplify fluorescence experiment design, eliminating costly errors.

Seeing talented researchers struggle for hours to design successful experiments by hand, is what inspired FluoroFinder to make improvements. In 2014, they commercially released the first version of their panel design tool from the University of Colorado’s Technology Transfer Office.

FluoroFinder believe in the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to scientific research. To this day, they continue to collaborate with the scientific community to provide a robust platform to automate fluorescence experiment design, learn and collaborate.

Empowering researchers to design better experiments, in less time.

  1. Input your experimental parameters into FluoroFinder’s AI-enabled reagent selection algorithm.
  2. Visualize your experiment in the context of your lab’s configuration and select products from all major suppliers.
  3. Design with Flexibility – Modify suggested reagents to match your experimental preferences.


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