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About Benten Biotech

Benten Biotech advance in several treatment and diagnostic projects based on recombinant single-domain antibodies and develop a new generation of in vitro assays for the quantification of antigens based on single-domain antibodies. Benten Biotech grows stronger in the quality control of veterinary biological products: we provide standardized reagents to various countries and carry out outsourced potency tests of vaccines, and also transfer turnkey production technologies and train the quality control teams of other companies.

Benten Biotech is committed to strengthening the R&D+i capabilities of the global animal vaccines laboratories.

Benten Biotech designs new products and optimizes processes to ensure effectiveness and quality of final products under quality standards of US and EU pharmacopoeia, covering the specific R&D+i needs of the veterinary industry.


  • Heavy Chain Single domain Antibodies (SdAb, VHH)
  • Standardised antigens
  • Standardised antibodies
  • Vaccine antigen quantification kits


  • antibodies
  • in vitro reagents
  • kits
  • custom services

Custom Services

SdAb, VHH Antibody discovery and Research
Outsourced control of vaccine potency
Antigen quantification in production batches
Custom kit development for antigen quantification and estimation of vaccine potency
Consultancy on production and quality control of veterinary vaccines
Development and validation of new products for prevention, therapy, and diagnostics