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About Bio-Helix

Bio-Helix, an original manufacturer, has been developing and supplying the best bio-reagents and benchtop instruments for life science researchers all over the world since 2007. Our products include but are not limited to Molecular Biology and Protein research tools.


PROTEOMICS:Prestained Protein Ladder LibraryCOOMASSIEnano & PonceauS Protein StainOneStep Blocking Solution cum Signal EnhancerUltraScence ECL SubstrateGENOMICS:RScript Reverse Transcriptase & RScript cDNA Synthesis KitnanoTaq HotStart PolymerasePCR Supermix, rPCR Mastermix and RT-qPCR KitNucleic Acid Extraction SystemINSTRUMENTS: BluPAD TransilluminatorUVPAD Transilluminator


  • antibodies
  • dyes
  • molecular