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About Biozol

BIOZOL – Distribution Service – BIOZOL offers more than 25 million products from more than 260 partner companies all over the world. Including life science & diagnostic reagents and chromatography supplies. Their customers are all relevant universities, research institutes, pharma and biotech companies, university hospitals, laboratory diagnostic service providers and governmental institutions (i.e. German armed forces). Furthermore, BIOZOL has access to all relevant procurement and catalog systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

dianova – high-quality antibodies for human pathology and your portal for secondary antibodies – Under the brand dianova, BIOZOL presents a growing selection of outstanding antibodies for human pathology. In addition, dianova is your portal for secondary antibodies with the largest selection of secondary antibodies in Europe.

HISTOPRIME – The Best for your Immunohistochemical Staining – The BIOZOL brand HISTOPRIME includes high-quality antibodies and reagents for immunohistochemical staining.




  • antibodies
  • kits
  • in vitro reagents
  • proteins
  • molecular
  • custom services
  • cells tissues
  • dyes

Custom Services

Antibody Production & Sequencing

Recombinant & Transmembrane Protein Expression

Recombinant Selenoprotein Production

Antibody-Protein Conjugation

ELISA & Assay Development

Vector Design

Hybridoma Sequencing