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About Cape Biologix Technologies

Cape Biologix Technologies offers a disruptive alternative to protein expression.  We use thousands of tobacco-related plants as highly effective single-use biodegradable bioreactors to produce a wide range of plant-made recombinant proteins.  Our plant-based transient expression platform has several benefits over traditional systems such as flexibility to produce small or large volumes, agility to swop protein targets quickly offering a rapid response to changing market needs, production of large and correctly folded complex proteins with multiple fusion options and superior economics that allows us to pass these cost savings onto our customers around the world.  Our platform also offers an ethical alternative as no animals are used in the making of our proteins.  Our passion is to provide research scientists and designers of diagnostic kits, both of whom are at the forefront of the war on disease, with a wide range of plant-made recombinant proteins that meets their need for quality and affordability.  Our growing product line includes recombinant antibodies, antigens and enzymes that pass through a rigorous quality control process to ensure reproducibility is guaranteed.


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