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About Labscoop

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Labscoop now has over 10 million laboratory and research-related products.  Founded in 2014, we set a path that will fundamentally change how scientists shop for lab reagents, consumables, and equipment. Our company strives to create an amazing marketplace user experience for scientists with in-depth product peer reviews, comprehensive product specifications, and associated data files that will allow scientists to quickly and easily search, compare and order products in a shared shopping cart for the entire lab to work as one.

Everything Your Lab Needs in One Place

Labscoop is a technology company building team-centric eCommerce experiences for academic and commercial laboratories. Labs of all sizes from various industries and organizations utilize Labscoop to streamline ordering workflows and drive cost savings.


MARKETPLACEEverything your lab needs in one place.

SHARED CARTStreamlined requisitioning.

CURATORCurated supplies from product experts.

SCIENCE SAMPLESDiscover better, cost-effective supplies.


  • antibodies
  • biochemicals
  • cell culture
  • cells tissues
  • dyes
  • in vitro reagents
  • kits
  • lab supplies
  • molecular
  • proteins
  • small molecules
  • Veterniary

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