We will work closely with you to identify your needs and create strategies to help you achieve your financial ambitions.

The principle of “Business to Business” or B2B introductions revolves around relationships, from development through to their maintenance. They require planning in order to be successful and dedicated personnel to establish the all-important business-client relationships. By engaging in frequent, professional yet open-dialogue and mutual understanding, successful relationships can blossom.

B2B introductions

Developing relationships can be time-intensive but is critical to business growth and, at Pivotal Scientific, we pride ourselves on an enviably strong network of contacts, comprised of distributors, suppliers and OEM companies in the research reagent market globally. For example, given our lengthy history in the industry and market knowledge we know only too well that distribution impacts significantly on turnover. So, for this reason, we have territory-leading distributors that we deem highly competitive in their areas of expertise in our succinct Recommended Distributors list. If you’re looking for a step-up on that level of support, via our Distributor Training service, we can offer our knowledge and help you apply it to your current distributor network!

b2b introductions

How Pivotal Scientific Can Help You With B2B Introductions

Utilising strong relationships with our PSL Alliance members and a further network of distributors, partners and our wealth of industry contacts, the Pivotal Scientific team can facilitate introductions with your desired target audience.

We are heavily connected to many companies all over the world, and have a fine-tuned database poised and ready to help you target specific territories/industry players/sales network, to establish those relationships. Given our flexible and reactive nature, we can tailor our service to accommodate your project requirements.

It might also interest you to know that we can apply that sentiment to many market leaders within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. So, whether you’re a distributor looking for suppliers, a manufacturer looking for partnership prospects, or a supplier looking for OEM opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help or further information; we’re here to help you make those all-important Pivotal Links

5 steps involved in our B2B service:

  1. Discussion to learn more about your company
  2. Understand the existing company model and mutually agree the most suitable/desired target audience
  3. Technical team will research and create a list of suitable companies to target
  4. Business Development team to action outreach and follow-up activity, as necessary
  5. Positive leads passed onto your company for direct discussions and follow-up activity