The Antibody Society

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The Antibody Society

The Antibody Society is an international non-profit association representing individuals and organizations involved in antibody research and development. We are an authoritative source of information about antibody therapeutics development, which we disseminate via our website, webinars, conference presentations and publications. Our members are regularly kept up to date on industry news via our “Antibody News You Should Know”, which summarize relevant events of the past 2 weeks.

We also organize meetings and workshops on topics relevant to antibody research and development. In particular, we actively produce and participate in webinars and workshops designed to educate and inform early-career scientists about antibody research, including best practices for antibody reagent validation. Additionally, the Society’s Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire (AIRR) Community coordinates stakeholders using next-generation sequencing technologies to study antibody/B-cell and T-cell receptor repertoires. They are developing: 1) a common repository for AIRR sequence data; 2) standards for publishing and depositing AIRR sequence data; and 3) resources and guidelines for the evaluation of molecular and statistical methods for AIRR sequence data.

As a business association, the Society can engage with government and international agencies to discuss issues of importance to the antibody community, such as the designation of international non-proprietary names.