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Access the Chinese Life Science Sector Through Conferences/Exhibitions

Kristina Whitfield

Sep 15, 2017

China 5

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield


As many western companies travel through Europe and the US to attend important events like AACC/ASCB|EMBO/MEDICA, it is usually quite productive to promote your brand through booth display or find business opportunities at these occasions. Accordingly, many important conferences/exhibitions are held in China every year and these could be great opportunities for international brands to be known in the local market here in China. However, due to barriers like language, it is sometimes difficult for international companies to find a suitable event to attend.

Chinese Immunology Society

There will soon be the annual meeting of the Chinese Immunology Society and this is the most important event in the Immunology research field in China. Over 2,000 people from both academia and industry will attend this important event and, thus, this could be a good opportunity for international brands to promote awareness of advanced technologies and products. From 2015, the biannual meeting of the Chinese Immunology Society was held every year to summarize the ongoing hot topics in Immunology studies. This year, the annual meeting will be held in Tianjin on Oct 26 – 29 and a significant number of suppliers and distributors in the Immunological sector have signed to attend and promote through their booth displays. So, if you are interested in the Chinese Immunology market, this is definitely a great chance to promote yourself to end users.

International Conferences

Similar to the Chinese Immunology Society, the Chinese Society for Cell Biology and the Chinese Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology also host meetings to promote the interaction and collaboration of biology scientists and industry. However, these two organizations hold these conferences every other year. So, if you plan to attend their biannual meetings, please pay attention to the dates they announced for these events. The Chinese Society for Cell Biology will have their biannual meeting soon on Sep. 26 -29 in Xiamen while the Chinese Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology scheduled their biannual meeting in October, 2018.

There is another much more comprehensive prestigious event for all Bio-tech companies – the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF). It is equivalent to MEDICA held in China in which companies in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Medical sectors attend the event to exhibit their brand and talk with other participants in the industry about mutual interests in business. There will be only exhibitions in this event and not so many attendees are from the academia. This is currently a biannual meeting which will be held in spring and autumn. The coming CMEF exhibition is in Kunming on Oct 29 ~ Nov 1.

If you are interested in a particular science sector, you could check the two popular e-portals – Biomart and Bioon for conference/exhibition announcements in corresponding fields or simply ask us.

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