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Trials & Tribulations of Chinese Import/Export Rules

Kristina Whitfield

Jul 25, 2017

China 3

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield


As we all know there is a great deal of in the Biological sector of the Chinese market however there could be some unexpected obstacles to gain profit in this unique market. The first frequent problem is in exporting to the Chinese market.

According to the regulations in importing/exporting in China, the inspection and quarantine processes are necessary to import Biological products from animal sources. This process could be confusing because various bureaus are responsible for the work depending on the properties of your products. For instance, there are bureaus particularly responsible for model organism, mouse, and high-risk experimental products respectively. It could be difficult to find the correct routine to import your products into the Chinese market if you are not an expert in this sector. Even for the local Chinese companies, it could be difficult to import biological products from international suppliers into the market.

International Suppliers

Another common dilemma for international suppliers is that their products used in the scientific field could be categorized as clinical products. The importing regulations on clinical products are obviously much stricter. Usually, a CFDA ( ) certificate is necessary for importing clinically used reagents, tools and instruments. It could take years to obtain the CFDA certificate. So, it is important to make sure that your scientific reagents/tools/instruments are categorized in the correct place.

Another problem related to the importing process is the result of bad customer experience having to wait long periods for their orders. Since the delayed importing process, it is common for end users to be waiting for 3-5 weeks for their orders from international suppliers. You could lose a significant number of end users because of the prolonged delivery time.


To solve the above problems, many Chinese companies are offering services to simplify the importing process into China. For instance, one of our recommended distributors in China, Sino Zhongyuan, dedicates to shorten time and lower the cost of product transportation from international suppliers to local distributors. Based on about 20 years’ experience in importing and distribution of life science products, Sino Zhongyuan helps to grow the business of international suppliers, such as ATCC, Addgene, NIBSC(WHO), GE life science, BD Bioscience, Abcam, and so on. Besides this Sino Zhongyuan has a bonded warehouse in Beijing for consignment service for suppliers to significantly shorten delivery times to end users to make your products more competitive in the market.

In this fast growing and competitive market, it is very important to make the accessibility of your products greater for the end users. To conquer this obstacle in the importation process will greatly improve the customers’ experience and, thus, facilitate your business development in China.

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